Parkland HS Army Smokin' Drill

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Parkland HS Army Smokin Drill - Just like Vegas, Sutherland, Amtrak, Uber Shooting, and Many More Fake Events, the Army Psychological Warfare Dept is part of this Fake Phony Show! From the Shooter wearing Army wear, to the students bringing up the Army inside during the shooting, and then Anderson Pooper with Army guys walking around in the background. This was such an obvious hoax! Hopefully it will wake up more people to our Fake News and Corrupt Govt pulling these events! I saw a couple editing problems, but I didn't think it was worth trying to fix due to the urgency of exposing this Bullshit! Please excuse me for my rush! It takes 2 hours to export and download a video this long, so I didn't want to waste the time fixing a couple minor problems!


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