Perfect example of how fast fake news travels , RichiefromBoston.....WTF dude ?

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This video is from June 2017 . I caught RichiefromBoston in a MAJOR fuck-up and a day after this video was posted on ScrewTube , he took the video down . But all is not well ............. I asked him a few times in the comment sections of later videos why we had gotten no apology or acknowledgement of his huge mistake , and Richie claimed he had no idea who I was and claimed he did not see my video or my many comments calling him out telling him how fucking retarded he is ............................AND Richie STILL stood by the false points he made in his video and said if I can't see that Trump was talking about his own Kabbalah teacher , then I'm fucking blind . Maybe when I get time I'll go fishing thru his old videos to try to find those comments . I am very VERY truthful and really fucking hate liars ..........................So I am NOT making this up about his comments . AT times Richie shares some great things , but more and more I'm seeing that Richie cannot be totally trusted . I saw a comment of his from months ago saying that he got rid of the product he's been pushing called " Virtual Shield " because he found out about some kind of spying aspect of the product , but there Richie is STILL pushing and promoting the Virtual Shield product because he gets money from doing it . To Jason Boss and Henry of FromDeath2Life , don't worry , I am NOT going to start attacking a bunch of truthers and videos like this are NOT going to become a pattern with me on here . I might do just ONE follow-up to provide proof of what I mentioned that wasn't in this video and to check and show if this totally fake bullshit story is STILL being spread on ScrewTube and Facebook .


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