World of Hot Water (WOHW) Ep. 4 ~ World of Tesla pt. 1: Father of WIRELESS POWER

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After discovering that not only are ALL the hurricanes steered by Doppler AKA NEXRAD radar, but that our daily hydrological cycle is hacked & hijacked by the microwave towers, and our humidity EVAPORATED on a daily basis to be steered into various atmospheric rivers, I had to figure out WHEN this World of Hot Water began, and that led me back in time to revisit the birth of electricity and the WORLD of TESLA to understand the beginnings of this weaponized local & global weather system that has crept up in our midst, under our very eyes. The info contained in this docu-series, can and IS the ONLY way to stop weaponized weather. The subject of "Chemtrails" & "Geoengineering" are stale and dead end subjects which either can not be linked back to a single source or only legitimize themselves, BUT WEAPONIZED DOPPLER is the KEY to ENDING weaponized Climate Engineering and its NWO pushing narrative.


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