George Floyd - Get It Together Morons!

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I don’t know much about how to make a real life looking dummy. I do know that they can cover your face with latex and produce and exact replica of it. I would imagine they can duplicate your entire body by using this process. I would also imagine that if somebody had the money and was willing to pay a Hollywood Special Effects Expert to do it .. that he could make an exact replica of George Floyd. Good enough to fool the average person.
Two things that clue us in to the fact that this may be the case, is the fact that they don’t seem to know how to hook up the device that will keep George’s heart going. Where’s the training for this? While they flub dub around, he receives not one compression or air.
The second clue is .. why are they stopped by the side of the road screwing around when you have a patient who’s undergoing cardiac arrest. This guy needs to get to the hospital and get there fast. Really fast! I don’t think they went to the hospital because they were carrying a dummy. If it was a real person, under real emergency conditions ... you’d probably have heard the siren.


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