Virginia: Creation of a fake White Wing Terror group The Base:/

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The powers that shouldn't be are up to new old tricks again trying to plant terrorism on patriot groups, conspiracy theorist, and gun rights supporters. Please if you are in Virginia use wisdom when protesting to save your freedom, if it glows steer clear of it!!

Remember the FBI a day or two before El Paso releasing a document where they proclaimed Conspiracy Theorist and White Wing Terrorism the new threat? After El Paso around November, 4chan via /pol/ saw a surge in bait threads with topics such as “Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong” and and such. Shady goings on to establish this new supposed domestic terrorist group “The Base” to instill fears in the public that Timothy McViegh part 2 is underway:P

They are taking advantage of White Nationalism to come after the rest of our freedoms just like with New Zealand.

Don't fall for it!!


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