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Published on 8 Feb 2018

Please do not confuse pesticide (or nitrates) levels statistics with the list which I am referring to. Pesticides and nitrates are only some of the poisons which could be found in the food - some foods have chemicals which are meant to cause certain illnesses (for example they officially announced a corn variety which causes infertility!!!) and possibly there could be entire poison categories about which we do not even know.

Orgone vs Orgonite - Orgone is the name given by Wilhelm Reich to life energy permeating everything. Orgonite is a mixture of metal particles, polyester or epoxy resin, and minerals which supposedly does miracles (but sadly I could not find any proof of that, maybe I did not search enough, possible). My overall impression is that the names are used interchangeably and that could lead to serious misunderstandings because the work of Wilhelm Reich seems to be reliable and serious, while the orgonite seems to be (at least partially for sure) just a superstition placebo "technology". If I am wrong about the Orgonite please submit a resource (but only in the right format, please).

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