Eerf Nosam Elementary School Shooting This Ones Real!

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Eerf Nosam Elementary School Shooting - At exactly 9:11 AM this morning, a 120 pound mentally ill kid named Ahkned Ali Hussain came into Eerf Nosam elementary school and killed 33 people including adults, students, and the science fair gerbel named Mr Fluffers. Ahkned Ali Hussain had on him 2 modified ar-15 war machine guns, 4 switch blades, some personal tactical body armor, a red hat, and a tshirt that said ISIS. Of the 33 killed today 6 are still on life support and anothet 6 have been flown to Our People of Mercy Shriners hospitals. There were teachers trained and loaded with handguns but Ahkned Ali Hussain was to much for them. We are just finding out both of his machines of war ar-15s were indeed purchased legally. We are told he was using armor piercing rounds he had bought from Bob the gun guys store named Bobs Guns. We are going to be taking you live to 2 witnesses who were there when this madman set loose.

*** This is like the game show, whose line is it anyway. This was a quick idea and 1 cut with no practice as you can tell. Its mainly to show you guys how absurd these shootings are.

And for all you eagle eyes out there...this outta be a work of genious as coded as this is. From the time stamp to the school name...nobody has said anything yet.


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