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Monthly Bills - Hosting Bandwidth 1 - $749, Load Balancer Hosting 2 - $189, Email, $29.00 , Virtual Post Office Mailbox $30.00- $997 Per month needed.  This doesn’t include any developer money or any upgrade money, this is for core functioning only.

Donations Received This Month:
$ 500.00  Zelle - Thank you!
$   10.00  Zelle - Thank you!
$   10.00  Zelle - Thank you!
$   15.00  Zelle - Thank you!
$ 100.00  Zelle - Thank you!
$   20.00  Zelle - Thank you!
Total for September  $655.00

If you can support 153news.net, the form of payments we can take  crypto currencies, Zelle and we now have a mailing address.
Please help support the truth and send any btc donations to:  3QNtdzvKc7CveXytWY6SFtJivW2NzEoW7G
Zelle to  jboss008@gmail.com
Mailing address for checks only - NO CASH please.
This is mail service that will scan the checks for deposit.
Jason Boss

If you would like to upload to 153 news, please email 153contentcheck@gmail.com what your channel name is here, your youtube channel, some examples of your current work, and why you would like to be a content provider here.


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