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Monthly Bills - Hosting Bandwidth 1 - $749, Load Balancer Hosting 2 - $189, Email, $29.00 - $967 Per month needed.  This doesn’t include any developer money or any upgrade money, this is for core functioning only.

Donations Received This Month:
$ 50.00 BTC - Thank you!
$   5.00 BTC - Thank you!
$ 10.00 BTC - Thank you!
$325.00 Zelle - Thank you!
$ 10.00  Zelle - Thank you!
$ 20.00  Zelle - Thank you!
$100.00 Zelle - Thank you!
$100.00 Zelle - Thank you!
$ 50.00 Zelle - Thank you!
Total for August  $670.00

08/09/19 - Fixed an upload issue we found that started today.  Please reupload anything from today!  Sorry
08/09/19 - The traitors at Patreon have terminated our account.

If you can support 153news.net, the form of payments we can take are crypto currencies and Zelle.  Please help support the truth and send any btc donations to:  3QNtdzvKc7CveXytWY6SFtJivW2NzEoW7G
Zelle is now setup as well using the email address of jboss008@gmail.com

If you would like to upload to 153 news, please email 153contentcheck@gmail.com what your channel name is here, your youtube channel, some examples of your current work, and why you would like to be a content provider here.


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