The 5G Hoax, Second Only to Covid - Mental Illness Trigger

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Perhaps one of the greatest hoaxes of all time is the 5G garbage. People have lost their minds and they aren’t coming back. Again a fake boogyman has people tripping.

Even at 60ghz, I doubt the 5G home routers will have enough juice to hurt you.

But for all the side ahows out there that think 5G is gonna get yoi. An hour with a cell phone to your skull is more than the 5G death ray will ever do to you.

There is no safe wifi at all and over a long period of time, any rf is bad for you. But what people think vs reality is again completely jacked up.

So 5G folks...BOO! I would worry about this vaccine. Most of us will be long dead before 5G would ever have any effect on us. Its a hoax at best


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