At eleven seconds - Joe Rogan.

Also remember the 500k number is tests. not people tested.. the pcr test since they have high sensitivity rates take more than one sample per person.. so the 500k number needs to be divided by 2 or 3 depending on how many samples from each person.. and phoenix az which is where this was in the vid has hundreds of testing sites.. I think this phoenix area map on azdhs site shows around 200 different testing locations just in the phoenix area...

What many don’t realize when they hear buy and sell is that any electronic payments you currently get will be revoked or withheld till you receive the identification that proves you’ve been vaccinated and are not a threat. No rent no phone no electricity food or heat. They may consider a grace period to those that don’t immediately comply, but the writing is on the wall, submit or be imprisoned and eventually put to death.

As a post script, thanks for your many contributions here at 153.

I think you are correct in part, the masks are just a prelude to vaccinations which people will flock in mass to get, along with an identification proving you’ve been vaccinated, which without will not allow you to go outside, work, travel, buy or sell. This Mark of the Beast will seal the fate of many

You realize you didn’t think this through... this is at a community college... it has been shut down for months just like all schools in the nation have been... could they have repaved the entire lot while it was shot down??? maybe?? we have seen vids of them installing 5g while closed in some schools.. who is to say they didn’t do other maintenance work

The end result of the LGBT movement is going to be normalized Pedophillia, and Beastiality. Folks we are down a path of no return at this point, those with morals particularly Christians are going to be the most hated of all people in this world.. Everything has returned to the Days of Noah, only thing missing are the return of the Nephilim and that’s quickly coming whether you want to believe or not.

I’m not buying it. I’m sure it will be played out by someone that looks somewhat like her, like the George Floyd cop or any of their other fake patsy trial shows where the cartoon caricatures look different every day.

But nothing compared to the Psyop we’re experiencing today, in the invisible enemy that’s snatched away the brains from the people of the earth.

I just finished cutting a video on this mask propaganda. If your state has not pushed a mandate, it will come this week or next. I’m aware of one coming out tomorrow so I dropped everything on my numbers game series to work on this mask agenda, it’s sick! This is the mark of the beast. We are now going to be marked and whoever wears the mark can buy and sell. It’s sick folks! When they couldn’t get their support for masks, they went to influencers. It’s really. Pathetic

Broken glass should have been on the inside of businesses instead of on the outside with such a powerful bomb that could sever Jeff Bowman’s fake legs. Also no perforations in any of the flags which like the steel from the Twin Towers was quickly removed from the crime scene and whisked away.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Sheeple will be-LIE-ve ANYTHING on Tell-LIE-Vision.

I hardly wash my hands during the day, I don’t wear a facemask, I’m in public all day long, I stand closer than 6 feet to people that I talk to, and I still somehow can’t get sick no matter how hard I try. I must be doing it wrong.

LOL... I was in Missouri this past week and all the mayors of the larger cities mandated that people wear masks. I would love to see these medical studies that the good governor is citing that show face masks stop virus, after I see the studies that prove that that virus exists, after I see the studies that prove that microbes (that your body contains trillions of) are the cause of disease.

What a pathetic SCAM why are people so afraid CUNTS

1,000,000% ;)

There are NO OIL STAINS in ANY of the Parking Spaces, 100% CGI Bull Shit !!!

at -4:15 to the end, there are No Oil Stains in any of the Parking Spaces. 100% CGI Bull Shit ;)

I researched this hoaxathon quite extensively back in the day and from day 1 knew it was fake, but 7 years later and the sheeple are even more enthusiastic about surrendering their freedoms to those that order them to march in lockstep.