I am a Born Again Christian. I was Born Again through Faith in Jesus Christ; that brought about Godly sorrow and true repentance. We can not keep the law it’s why Jesus came and suffered on the cross. It’s by His love and his spirit we are able to walk in his statues and keep his judgements. rnrnNo way do I condone sin God forbids, but these Hebrew roots Type movements is exactly what Paul warned about. You can delete this message but there was a lot truth in those videos you deleted. rnrnI love you all in Jesus name but I can tell you it’s by Grace through Faith That we are saved. You can try to tear down Paul and his letters but this is the word of God you are walking on dangerous ground. rnrnLook at the true evangelism today it’s by Born Again repenting, Holy Bible reading Christians. Who preach living Holy for God.rnrnWake up, there is not a different Gospel for each church that makes no sense.

After healing myself of decades of self-inflicted bad choices based on what I’d been conditioned to believe is true, I rather die a fast death fighting them than die slowly being a compliant sheep.

Wait a minute… my normal heart rate is around 48 bpm, I rarely wash my hands unless they’re visibly dirty, I don’t wear masks, and I don’t social distance. Why am I perfectly healthy? Shouldn’t I be dead by now… LOL!!

Mainly an antique artifact! I have declassified government documents and I do know the truth of the shape of this planet and what is being done to destroy the Father in Heaven’s creation.

Smith-Mundt act, passed in 2012, right when people started waking up to flat earth.....

Great video. Keep looking for GOD, you are on the right track. I’m a Quran only Muslim and I agree with 95% of what you said.

Unbelievable, that was hilarious. Have a great Thanksgiving and thank you for the video. #TheEarthIsFlat


Diana, please do a bunch of us a favor and remove or cover that disgusting criminal globe from our view. It is literally the flag of the bad guys you’re fighting.


Bigger Ovum than the men have Gonads by far.

The moon used to be one of two suns. Unless there’s some other plausible explanation for why we had palm trees growing from "pole to pole" in the past. Did Jeebus really get killed for saying Matt. 24:29? GLOBE??? LMAO @ DOOM the wannabe truther. Excellent obfuscation and distraction though.

You mean the jews golden shower on the goyim.

Something created THIS PLACE and maybe even us, however, that DOES NOT mean that it was a "good guy" or for good purposes.

I wasn’t aware the PCR test was available in the 1970’s. Carey Mullis invented this test in the 1980’s for his work with Aids(HIV).

"We can be pretend heroes (petty dictators) if we can keep germ theory alive". Sesame Street for adults.

The more I study and press into my Creator and my Messiah people that hold onto their belief and twist the Scriptures breaks my heart. They are not taking and reasoning the whole counsel of Elohiym. They will fight to the death for a man-made doctrine. Their own words will be their judgment according to 2 Baruch. An amazing book by the way that the council of men removed as well.

Revelation 14:12.

This gave me a good laugh, thanks for brightening my day!

Bless you Lady.