I’m curious. How do you get sentenced by using a toy rifle whose bullet casings vanish in mid air in a cgi green screen studio? What was the weapon used in the crime? What did the autopsies reveal? Can anyone explain please?

32 does that # look familiar ?

at 1:00 only 7% of those tested postive will be really positive what a joke they tell

Heay. Appreciate go extra mile and come back with link, I grab it and do best to listen haha. cheers

I agree. Remind me of bat sht crazy chick from natural bon killers when she lost it. I made a video of her here but have no idea whats it called now. EXACT same brain damage! and this is a boy! :)

Not sure if some have not see the videos of the guys are up close after the hit? Being previous military myself, I would have to say its 100% legit video. Now if the video was from some other incident and parched into the one I am refer to then bad on me. But its not moulage.. I was good at making it look real but not that real. Seems same guy and same arm same guy next to him. His arm was 100% then boom it exploded. I get it we seen sht like this from head shot in street of CChurch bs but.. I am going legit. Thanx GTW. Good see you post videos.

Much to be said for the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. And yes sex does matter.. at least to me

Shambo and the boys making a days earnings. Smiling as heading out the door to the bank, The girl wasnt to bad. I literally went thru the video from CChurch frame by frame more than once. No way any of it was real. Not a frame or even an accident. I made 5-6 videos and prove beyond a doubt its all BS. Other guys here as well same and if take all of our videos and play them back to the jury.. oh wait.. thought I was in reality for a sec. Cheers for update. Wonder what they actually gonna do with him. old barrel in cemet column of a bridge? hrmm

Not about IQ.. about breaking down the normal construct of a person by means they are not aware of. Breaking them in to peices then being able ro make the peices separate. Key words and signs symbols etc used from there. But.. for what remains the question. Why have a millons zombies? Plant lettuce? does this really get a matrix coppertop ending. per post below.. Interseting to muse on. Cheers

Wow! Saw that ina theater a few moooooons ago. haha! Dnt remmeber much of it but now got me curious as to view it again.. Cheers for idea ;)

Good flick. just reqtched that a month or so ago for the symbolism. Not much in it other than the story which is pretty good. TY for comment 322

Great flick and on spot JAmesC. I dont htink much prdedictive programming here as much as just out right showing us whats there. This is a REAL serious deal when combined with the other techs. This and something from the skies could literally make a rown or city go insane and there would be no clue as to why., I srill dont think killing or a CULL is whats going on.. to much mess to clean up billons of rotten corpse. So there much be a follow the $$ somewhere. As it unravels we will see. TY for comment

The Former eastern block has more guts than the west !!!

I think Trump’s Wife is the actress Lucy Lawless ! Sometimes Mrs Trump uses a double that I think is a Man !

Some segments of this video also reminded me of another predictive programming movie A Clockwork Orange.

And of course those that worked with him on an injection cure responded by saying. " Christ you could save the world " when they realized he was immune to the Zombie virus. Predictive programming at it’s finest.

I couldn’t watch this because I felt I would be participating in a hoax regardless of the content creators intent.

I am sure that Judge JewDy is 100% behind him on this as they always support their own regardless of the damage it does to the US but they all support the billions of dollars sent to Israel every year via the American taxpayers. I am sure they both support the other controlled opposition puppet Joe Biden.

Everyone in this was a crisis actor. I like this video because it shows people how they do it. Think about all the people who are hoaxing this. The judge, the courtroom, everything involved are crisis actors. This shows you how easily these hoaxes are made.

Haha, love Python! I can’t get enough of “Twit of the year” and “Ministries of silly walks”.