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Never closed ! Never allowed masks !

Please Download and Share With Friends and Businesses !!

To download just the "Godfather Music Video" at the end go here:

See Basilico’s take a stand against Governor Newsom’s tyrannical overeach here:

We’re not allowed to have any good examples in government, government media, or the controlled entertainment system... only fakes, frauds and controlled opposition.

We are the examples - governments lie about freedom - but the spirit of "real freedom" lives inside all of us !!

Support local businesses - encourage softer language - change "required" to "reccommended" or "suggested" or "allowed" - these are ways of gradually moving customers from a position of fear and intimidation to a more accurate reality. THERE ARE NO LAWS TO BACK UP WHAT THE STATE AND STATE MEDIA ARE DOING.

"Never give up freedoms under the pretext of safety"

"Sacrificing individual rights under the guise of helping the many is called Communism"

Yes, the globalist’s communism is trying to take over America !


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