Brooklyn Subway Shooting Hoax

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Brooklyn Subway Shooting Hoax
If you want to skip to the good parts, start at 2:35 for their alleged subway footage. They appear to be staging out of a restaurant near the subway entrance, which you can see them surrounding on the sidewalk. The show on the streets is nothing but flash mob of emergency workers, and idiots that don’t know how to hold their rifles. I may cover the idiots holding guns in another video if I have time.
This was basically a repeat of the Boston Hoaxathon and Sandy Hoax. Stage a ton of emergency personnel on the streets, and make people think something really tragic happened as the emergency workers laugh it up and party like it’s 1999. They intentionally left out the bottled water. In fact one idiot came out with a coffee cup and another cop pointed and said something to him, then the guy turned around and walked away from the camera view. It was as if they were told not to carry any drinks or eat food. I think they are figuring out how we expose their con game.


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