Fake News about drowning migrants in Crete

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I ve decided to leave the original title and i am surprised this video wasn’t removed by the Ministry of Truth. Long i have stored it on my cell phone but 153 is where these video should be. This video proves beyond shadow of a doubt there is no crisis of migrants in the Mediterranean and it’s all engineered by Soros and the other Illuminati XOs to divide and conquer. Nobody dies in the Mediterranean sea, they are all ferried to Italy while the TV says they are being rescued at sea.

The forner Minister of Internal Affairs is facing criminal trial for KIDNAPPING for having dared to oppose all this BEFORE Covid19 and this says everything about how LOST we are in Italy.

Imagine the people now, especially in Sicily, seeing hundreds of these ’refugees’ (there is no war in Tunisia, they are all young adult males) arrive EVERYDAY while the TV is bombing them with the Covid fear propaganda.

The Italians were imprisoned for 2 months but the laws simply don’t apply to the migrants. Says it all, says it all really. The plan simply put is to employ these slaves for slave pay and crash the salary of the italian workers. The rich get richer the poor get poorer and the mainstream is the tool of this shameful conduct AS USUAL.


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