The Mythology Behind “Eaters of Children” by Johnny Cirucci

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The Mythology Behind “Eaters of Children” by Johnny Cirucci
Published on Dec 22, 2017

Eaters of Children: The Pedocracy Exposed

We're all familiar with the crazy images of the world's most powerful people dawning druidic robes and turning back the clock thousands of years to “worship” evil right out of the pages of the Old Testament; whether “leaked footage” from Bohemian Grove or mirrored in modern entertainment from movies like Eyes Wide Shut to serials like House of Cards.

Shockingly, there is far more “truth” in it than “fiction”.

Author, speaker and activist Giovanni “Johnny” Cirucci joins with Glyph Studios to take you behind the scenes of his latest book Eaters of Children.

* Why are so many of the world's Elite implicated in sex abuse scandals—often victimizing children?
* Why are those accused never arrested and prosecuted by the institutions sworn to protect us and uphold justice?
* Is this the conspiracy to top all conspiracies?

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