Sports Contract with Satan? | Occult Symbolism

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What’s the real reason Trevor Bauer closes his right eye while pitching? Why are numerous prominent sports players using all the same symbolism as musicians, performers, actors and actresses? Here is a deep look in a short concise video explaining what it all really means. Occultic symbolism at its heart.
Sports Contract with the Devil? | Occult Symbolism | Trevor Bauer & Countless Others

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Innocent Art or Pact with Satan
The Strong Delusion Introduction

The Strong Delusion Chapter 1
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The Strong Delusion Chapter 2
(When They Say Peace and Security)

The Strong Delusion Chapter 3
(The Real Secret Behind Secret Societies)

The Strong Delusion Chapter 4
(This World is a Stage | Eye See 33)

The Strong Delusion Chapter 5
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The Strong Delusion Chapter 6
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Sports Contract with the Devil | Trevor Bauer Shuts Right Eye
Did Trevor Bauer sell his soul
Did Trevor Bauer make a pact with satan
Did Trevor Bauer make a deal with the devil


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