@activist-news Live: AusPol, Zionism and Free Speech Avi Yemini IDF recruiter exposed!

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"Welcome to the Weekly show, Activist News Live! today we will be talking about Australian politics, Avi Yemini, Ahed Tamimi and the current attack on our free speech. We have quite a bit to get through here today so buckle up and enjoy the show, we will also be taking QandA toward the end of our show depending on how well we are doing with time. Today I'am joined once again by Luke McKee, who is very interested in these topics and a truly dedicated researcher."

Mirror from Walker's youtube channel that also includes the live chat - though you wont miss too much except some pedo trolling from DongoZ aka Crawk who got banned from the Activist-News discord server and claims to be a Anti-Zionist Muslim .

Here's a list of my open tabs in no particular order and a brief description of them used in the presentation for the thread. Of course check out my other videos here on - "because censorship kills".

Amazing Bill Cooper Broadcast on the Sydney Grand Synagogue of SATAN: and it's OTO links: and Iva Wardell in that podcast are Australian OTO occultist associates of Aleister Crowley the Great Beast 666.

Mainstream news talking about the White Supremacist Anti-Safe Schools Campaigner who is both a mother of a lesbian and a support of IDF recruiter Avi Yemini - go figure this one out: Ask her questions on - or me on

Pray for these satanic pedophile masons calling the shots in Australia's thought crime star chamber tribunals:

The Mega 8chan thread on Garry Burns updated regularly. During this live broadcast the Australian newspaper did yet another story on the VIP pedophile that underpins all NSW Anti-Free-Speech thought crime hate speech laws:

Some interesting tweets:
The Australian Newspapers coverage of Garry Burns meeting "6 teenage boys" in a designated gay public sex location Marks Park:

My first post on Garry Burns and just how insane things are in Australia:

Avi Yemini and my coverage of the Senator Lyeonhelm Case:

Some of the many Anirtak76 Kat Klayton, aka Katrina Bailey links to Avi Yemini:


The video that triggered me most. There is NO TOMMY ROBINSON IN AUSTRALIA YET:

Compare that to the two videos on 153news and associated links about John Sunol's case, that even has links to Muslim Gang Rape. He's more Tommy Robinson (well what he's being framed up for writing) that Tommy Robinson!

These OTO thought crime tribunals get a domain for their non government registiered charity that masqurades as a government entity which is highly illegal:

BREAKING: Just got this alert during the broadcast more Mainstream coverage on Garry "The Great Boylover 666 (who sues people for disrespecting members Mark Newton and Peter Truong in 3x+ cases and supports the OTO child sex cult on his blog)" Richard Burns

Google alert:
Prolific litigator Garry Burns in plea for costs help
The Australian
... who had been seeking to pursue Queensland-based former army officer Bernard Gaynor and former Victorian political candidate Tess Corbett in the ... and all the OTO pedophile cult court order by "MT Daniels" judge censored content on published by LUKE MCKEE aka "hojuruku". See the Jim Fetzer most recent interview about how dark the OTO child sex cult via tribunals is normalizing sex with children by criminalizing dissent against those who do it in the other interviews on this channel. Also see the first two Jim Fetzer PhD interviews on to be blown away with more Doxes on satanic government officals.

And of course petition Avi Yemini to debate me about shutting down these laws he claims to be against but acts as a limited hangout!

Q&A is always available on See you in the trenches!


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